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Possible routes:

· Etna and surroundings;

· Alcantara Valley;

· On the Trail of the “Godfather”;

· Syracuse, from antiquity to the present day;

· Sicilian baroque: Ragusa, Modica, Noto;

· Roman mosaics of Villa del Casale;

· Any other route on request

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Roman mosaics of Villa del Casale

A large complex of mosaics in a 4th-century Roman mansion. These are amongst the best and extended Roman mosaics in the world that have survived. They cover an area of 3500 m2.

Listed by UNESCO in 1997 as World Heritage site.

Nearby is the archaeological site of Morgantina, Sicel Hellenized town. The Aidone - Morgantina archaeological museum holds precious archaeological finds and the famous Goddess of Morgantina.