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Possible routes:

· Etna and surroundings;

· Alcantara Valley;

· On the Trail of the “Godfather”;

· Syracuse, from antiquity to the present day;

· Sicilian baroque: Ragusa, Modica, Noto;

· Roman mosaics of Villa del Casale;

· Any other route on request

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Syracuse, from antiquity to the present day

Sicily in the ancient Greek times had its champion, the city state of Syracuse. It was always the first, from the tyrants who have made the strength of Greek Sicily and their defence against the Carthaginians to the most famous scientist and philosopher of antiquity, with much more in between.

Here we can see the remains of the birth of the stone Greek temple. We can walk into the theater that saw popular representations of dramas of ancient authors. We can see the latomie and tell the ancient stories, especially the most famous of them, the "eye of Dionysus".

The myth of Alfeo and Aretusa is represented by two fountains in the Ortygia island.

Here are vivid memories of early Christianity with St. Paul on his way to Rome. We can see the metamorphosis of the Greek temple in the Christian basilica, in an architectural form that puts the two universes together in an harmoniously way.

Syracuse preserves the oldest Mikveh in Europe, in the neighborhood of Giudecca.

The Gothic of the 12th-century and the Sicilian Gothic style in the following centuries. And even the Renaissance and the baroque of the 18th century are to be contemplated here.

In this city lived Caravaggio for a shot time. We can see the witness of this in a painting, dedicated to the patron Sainte of the city, Sainte Lucia.

All this in the context of the beautiful island of Ortiggia with its medieval street system and the magnificent Gulf full of history, and, of course,  the Archaeological Park.

If time remains, the Paolo Orsi archaeological museum is for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Syracuse in his long time of glory.