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About me

Possible routes:

· Etna and surroundings;

· Alcantara Valley;

· On the Trail of the “Godfather”;

· Syracuse, from antiquity to the present day;

· Sicilian baroque: Ragusa, Modica, Noto;

· Roman mosaics of Villa del Casale;

· Any other route on request

How to proceed?


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Any other route on request

The suggested itineraries cover the eastern part of Sicily. This is more important for trips departing from Taormina or commonly Catania, since I live over here. For multi-day tours I can accompany the group in an area of no matter how big.

For people who cultivate special interests, we can together arrange customized itineraries. They may be a combination of the routes presented on the site, or focussed on some theme or areas not shown here. Everything can be arranged together with the client, so that the tourists stay in the Sicily to better respond to his expectations.