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About me

Possible routes:

· Etna and surroundings;

· Alcantara Valley;

· On the Trail of the “Godfather”;

· Syracuse, from antiquity to the present day;

· Sicilian baroque: Ragusa, Modica, Noto;

· Roman mosaics of Villa del Casale;

· Any other route on request

How to proceed?


Phone:  +39 349 6400 923








How to proceed?

Individual tours can be contracted even from one day to another, provided that I am free. It is much more better to contact for time in advance to fix the dates of trips or tours in order to ensure their regular smooth running.

Customized itineraries must be agreed in advance by email.

In preparing the trip we can arrange and develop various aspects of the trip, concerning accommodation, travel and miscellaneous advice.

For Tour Operators that intend to work with the destination Sicily I may be just the person to intermediate the connections with specialized in incoming valid local Tour Agencies, collaborate in preparing the routes and a be valid Tour Leader that assure the right execution of the tour.